Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Love and to be Loved

Opening up to humility and love is the state of us being ready for Knowledge/Revelation through right-perception, and is clearly given by us to others (and ourselves) when we find ourselves ready for all Children of God to learn all (things) from all Creation (all Children of God and all experiences) -- no matter who or where we perceive the person or event to be, on or off any path our self/psyche/ego often chooses is right or wrong for us/them.

My self/ego tells me I could do well by remembering this more often, but truly I am trying to learn what simple acceptance of myself, all others, and all events, AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW, means. It's quite simply applying the idea that I often see "the speck" in my "brother's eye", rather than remove "the log" in my own. With that teaching, the self/ego tries to reinforce that the speck and the log are real, but in reality the Holy Spirit sees them not, and will not ever react to them to make them real. It will only ever forgive, and overlook them both, and afford you infinite time to do so. How does one remove what is not real (the log / the speck)? By simple acceptance of its non-reality, and acceptance of all, as is.

To not love or accept God is to attempt denial of Him, of his Nature in All, and perceive Him, an aspect of Him, or any Child of God as our "enemy". Since aspects, selves, and levels are NOT real, it is just not ever possible to not love or accept God, and thus our Self, as we truly are. It is a remembering, and an awakening from a dream, and wherever we perceive any Child of God to be is best seen as, and is precious. Only judgment is learned/taught by ego comparisons, evaluation and judgment, the fruits of which is perceived separation, individualism and frailty, and comes through a destructive valuing of ego perceptions and events in time, time itself, and all forms things take (including the form of this teaching, which in reality is meaningless). All things work for the good for and through All. AND all things work for the good for and through those who love God, as it is impossible not to remember or return to the love or acceptance of God, or Reality, no matter what you call it. Truly, we move and have our Being in Him. This is the acceptance of God being Love, or simply... God Is (no matter what we create His temporal name or symbol to be). And through these simple thoughts, the physical world changes, through hopeful thoughts of Mind.

Before we can act appropriately, we must consistently perceive correctly, by realizing in Reality we lose nothing, when we give all to all.  We gain by sharing.  And now it is not so much about "not just talking the talk", but rather it's all about "thinking the thought", affirming who we are (not just who we wish to be) -- quite simply, I AM compassionate.  I AM whole.  Think this enough, and it will be so.  It is BEING the change.  Thus is faith/belief always in effect, not just in truth, but in all things, including our often kept faith/belief in nothing, or in lack, or in frailty.  Trees and fruits, right?

Yes, in events, in time, we all will "fail" in this. But, in events, in time, we will all also succeed. Even grandeur-based atheism attests to this -- yet sometimes perceived as an "enemy" of and by the religious, we'd all do well to see ourselves in all of Creation, not just any subset or an aspect of it. "One love, one heart. Let's get together and feel alright."

The answer is we have no other answer than just to Love, and to be Loved.  And Love comes not from thoughts of lack, defensiveness, or forms of creating idols and forming a precious self identity or a special relationship with someone (and excluding others), but from the content of the always filled cup, the inclusion of all, the infinite will, the most innocent perception, and the always overlooked grievance.


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